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Originally Posted: 04/14/2021

Feeling Dumb Today…How ‘Bout Some Dumb Jokes??


Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

  1. Because Other Chickens Were Coming Up The Street On The Same Side And The Chicken Is A Responsible Social Distancer.
  2. Because He Saw A Netflix Exec And Wanted To Pitch “Don’t F With Chickens” As A Docudrama.
  3. Lost Job With Kentucky Colonel Due To No Dine In Options And Heard They Might Be Hiring At The Pizza Joint Across The Street.
  4. Herds Of Chic Fil A Cows Roaming The Street.
  5. Heard The Tiger King Might Be Getting Pardoned Soon And Wants To Start A Lower Status Private Zoo.
  6. And I’ll Steal An Old Classic…. To Get To The Moron’s House.  Knock Knock…(Do Your Part)…The Chicken.
  7. To Drop Off Some Jelly Beans And Chocolate Eggs Through Their Neighbors Mailboxes. Oh Wait, That’s What Our Neighbor Did For Us. Good Things Continue To Happen. Unless Of Course He Was Trying To Infect Us…. I’m Going To Stick With Good Things. Hope You Are Experiencing Your Own.

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