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I know. Not everyone is moved by music. But like it or not, music connects with and moves people in ways little else does. For those folks…I’ve often used a tune or two that might help validate and normalize their experience as they plug into common themes, might give them a tool to use outside of sessions to remind them of specific things or to alter their mood or remember why they want to make different choices, and for those folks the music does something they or I couldn’t manage ourselves.

With some assistance I’ve been building a practice playlist with the idea of some shared musical experiences for our team and access to the widest variety of magical/musical styles, emotions, lyrics, etc., for those days when just that one song will do. So if you are one of those folks who enjoys the tunes and is on the lookout for new beats or if you have clients that could use a hummable reminder…you should be able to find something new here.

*standard disclaimer…some of these songs are brutally aggressive or ugly (kinda like life sometimes ([that’s why they’re on here]) and some use words even I find offensive and I’ll try to warn you with some kinda symbol when that’s going to be the case.

**less standard disclaimer…if you are certain there is not a style of music you don’t care for, I take that as a personal challenge and have a fairly good start so don’t expect to love or connect with everything…but you might be surprised here and there and find yourself going back to something that didn’t sit well at first aural glance. Happens to me all the time.

Selections by Category

Monday Motivator: Kinda Like A Workout Song For Your Noggin.

Thunder – Imagine Dragons


For those that might not always feels as though they fit in…

“Kids were laughing in my classesWhile I was scheming for the massesWho do you think you are?Dreaming ’bout being a big starThey say, “You’re basic”, they say, “You’re easy”You’re always riding in the backseatNow I’m smiling from the stage whileYou were clapping in the nosebleeds”

Heart Wrencher: Songs Embracing Good Reasons For Sadness, The Kind You Listen To In The Midst Of A Break Up While Eating A Tub Of Ice Cream Kinda Thing Or Finding Out Someone/Thing You Love Is Temporary.

How – Marcus Mumford


Sometimes the thing you lose is taken by someone else, nice to hear someone else working through those traumas in what I hope is helpful.

Soul Satisfier: A Little Blast Of Positive Energy. I’m Always Opposed To Ignoring The Negative Or Unpleasant But No One Should Live There.

Ashes (from Deadpool 2) – Celine Dion


I’ll admit it. I fell for the rumor that Ryan Reynolds was dancing in the heels. Think I wanted to believe it. Doesn’t matter that it was all #$^&#$ lies…I think the song is true. I’m not hurt at all. : )

Caustic Cathartisizer: Angry And Aggressive…But Only For Catharsis I.e., Meant To Process Anger Not To Build On It.

Mama Said Knock You Out – L.L. Cool J


Ladies aren’t the only ones. Here’s the original.

A Team: Love The Care And Skills Some of My Colleagues Have Put Into Their Work, This Is One Of The Ways I Like To Brag About Them. Maybe There’s Someone You’d Like To Champion.

Legendary – Welshly Arms


We’re gearing up to add some talent, having lots of thoughts about what we’re hoping to add. “Legendary” doesn’t seem like a bad idea!

Cool Groove: Just On The List Cause It’s Something To Which You Can Mentally Recline And Tap Your Feets.

Soul Bossa Nova – Quincy Jones


Don’t know why, been singing “Blame it on the Bossa Nova” waaaaaay too much this week. This was already on the list. 

Terrific Technicians: Be It Classical Composing Or Shredding Their Instrument(S) With Amazing Precisions, A Fair Reminder That Combining Your Gifts And Ongoing, Non-Stop, And Intense Efforts Can Result In Incredible Skill That Touches People.

Kascade – Animals As Leaders



Cultural Compositions: A Chance To Experience The Music Of Peoples Different From My Own Peoples, Even Though We Are All The Same Peoples.

Fee Ra Huri – Omnia


Soooooo, if you believe my Cream Puff Grandma (who mighta had a Bit ‘O the Blarney in her, I’m part Irish. Not what I expected the first time I heard this crew. Fun and interesting. 

Squeeze Me?!?: Sometimes There Are Songs Or Groups That Represent Confusion Or Discomfort In Some Way By Being…Well, Their Own Particular Brand Of Weird. Helps Me Remember People Don’t Hear Or Interpret Anything The Same Way And This Tune Strikes Me That Way.

Rocket Man – William Shatner


How did I forget THIS was a THING?!?!?!?!!?

You can always find these tunes on Spotify as well. Just look for Ohio Balance. I hope you found something you at least enjoy if not something that will serve some purpose for you. Be back soon, there is so much great tunage!

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