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Originally Posted: 04/10/2020

While Many Folks Worry About The Impact Of Various Kinds Of Music On Today’s Society, It Appears To Me One Insidious Band Has Snuck Through To Stack Dangerous Ideas On Top Of Terrifying Times. The Beatles.

That’s Right. The Lads From Liverpool Maliciously Or Unwittingly Have Songs In Direct Violation Of Steps Being Taken To Curb The Covid-19 Pandemic. Evidence…

  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand!?!
  • Will You Protect Me, Will You Infect Me, When I’m 64? Pretty Sure That’s How That One Goes.
  • Here Comes The Sun!?! Just In Time To Entice People Outside Together?
  • We All Live In A Yellow Submarine!?! There’s No Way To Socially Distance In A Submarine…I Don’t Care What Color It Is.
  • I’m Reasonably Certain Ol’ Flat Top May Be A Reference To Corona Virus…You Know Groovin Up Slowly; Hold You In His Armchair You Can Feel His DISEASE!And What’s The Name Of This Song? COME TOGETEHER!!!

Check Your Albums, Or If Your Younger Than Me Or Have Kids; Streaming Playlists! Don’t Let The Dangerous Ideas Have Easy Access Straight Through Your Ears To Your Brains.

If You Can’t Live Without Music For The Next Several Days, Weeks, Or Months…Here Are Some Approved Replacement Tunes.

  • Splendid Isolation – Warren Zevon
  • Don’t Stand Too Close To Me – The Police
  • I’m Doing The Best I Ever Did – Godsmack
  • Go Away – Weezer
  • Video Option – Old Don’t Squeeze The Charmin Commercials Https://

Feel Free To Add Options To The Comment Section…If Anyone Ever Reads This.

Be Well.

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