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Well, That Didn’t Work, Now What?

So, when all of the first line approaches don't get folks to their goals, what's next? Finding the right fit, which can happen a couple different ways.

Treatment Fit

Pineapple on pizza. Yes, that will inspire relatively evenly divided conflict. But just because pepperoni is the most common topping does not mean any specific person will enjoy it. The same is true for counseling approaches. If the evidence based practices aren't successful, we work to stay current and experienced in multiple approaches for those who prefer different toppings.

Counselor Fit

Even if the Fit seemed perfect from the start, a lack of success may be related to counselor fit, especially once various approaches have been tried. Whether it's with us or another practice all together, success is more important than pride, which is where our pride should stem from. If we can't make a difference, for what you're worth, we will find someone who can!