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Castoff Counseling

This is not someone separated from the people or place they desire to be part of. This "Castoff" is more in the sense of throwing lines to allow for the freedom to sail. Ropes can restrain Rumba and/or a sound vessel. To learn how far we might journey or discover our elephantesqe power, we must first grapple with these restrictions. There are at least two kinds of ropes...

1. Real & Reasonable

Life comes with real limits. Try all you want, those ropes are going nowhere. Always amazing how much effort we invest in prying at these knots.

2. Errored or Expired

We maintain beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world in general that in some cases were never true and in others are no longer true. Oddly, since we took them on, we struggle against these less. These are the ropes that need to be cast off.

Unlocking the Difference is Key!