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Originally Posted: 10/12/2020

I don’t know where you are politically, I am exhausted. And worst of all exhausted for no purpose. It seems the best anyone can hope for is things to get tragically worse a little slower. Saw promo for some documentary on ShoTime that sounded like it actually made sense. I didn’t have any faith at all that it would. Surely, they were going to promise sanity and end up delivering divisive partisan garbage all bought and paid for by the way too rich and powerful looking to stay that way. Surprise! I watched something that left me with some sense of hope that our society might have a way out. Politicians of old with nicknames like “The Most Trusted Person in the Room” or “The Miracle Worker” and loads of other freakishly smart and less self-focused individuals see potential for better days ahead. And they come from all over the place. Probably gonna watch it again. Didn’t really know who David Smick was, but thanks dude.

Some quotes from the doc:

“We’re living in James Madison’s nightmare.”

“Politics isn’t broken, it’s fixed.”

“Maybe we’re better off with gridlock. The only thing worse than the clown show would be if the clowns actually got some of their ideas implemented.”

“America succeeds when we build each other up.”

“Pragmatism should not be a dirty word.”

And everything was sort of summed up by this brilliant woman…

“There is without a doubt a road to best days ahead for the country. But let me be clear, we are not on the road. And I, I don’t think that we do ourselves justice when we pretend that the road is just around the corner and that it’s somehow part of America’s birthright or predestiny because it’s happened that way before. The best days ahead is both an opportunity and a responsibility but it’s also, most importantly, a choice.”

What choice will we make and when will we make it?

You can check it out here…and probably other places too.

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