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posted 04/05/2020

While Everyone Is (Or Should Be) Hunkered Down Here Are Some Things To Consider To Pass The Time. (Preferred Options Are In Orange).

  • Decide On A Personal Style Mask To Wear On Your Next Trip To The Walmart: Bane OR Lecter – Unless The Bane Mask Made Me Sound Like Bane…Then That One!

  • Know Everything OR Learn Something New.

  • Cut Down A Tree And Learn To Make Your Own Toilet Paper OR Learn To Make Sourdough Bread From Your Own Starter.

  • Discover What The ^%&#% TikTok Is OR Discover What The $*$%@$# TikTok Is, Regret The Decision, Never Return.

  • Concentrate On How Annoying Your Family Is OR Remember You’re Annoying Too And Be A Little Less Annoyed.

  • Buy A Butt-Load Of Tigers OR Take Extra Special Care Of The Only Actual Being Who Is So Happy You Are Home Around The Clock…If You Are Lucky Enough To Have One.

  • Take Care Of Yourself OR Take Care Of Your Loved Ones OR Take Care Of Your Neighbors OR Take Care Of Strangers.

  • Watch Sharknado For The Very First Time (Currently In Process) OR Literally ANYTHING Else…Including TikTok Or Homemade Toilet Paper.

Wishing You Safety And Sanity!!!

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