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Meet Tom (Newman)

True, not all of my education is in counseling. I’m pretty consistently amazed how often the least related time spent in school has been key in connecting with and understanding people. See below.
While formal book learnin’ serves an important role in learning skills, experience also plays a vital function.
Also, don't miss the end about why ABSOLUTELY none of it really matters.

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STILL Doesn't Matter: But Wait...There's More!!!


Here's Why It Doesn't Really Matter

It doesn't matter because this is not the Me Me Me Counseling Agency. While I do strive to be as prepared to be helpful in as many ways as possible...the biggest part of my gig is getting to understand you and how or how not some of these things might apply. I wish I could tell you right off the bat what will work or not, but there tends to be some degree of experimentation involved. Best we got approaches first, then what seems to resonate with you as promising. As long as you are actively participating, we're good. If for any reason, after a while, we aren't getting where you need to go, I will happily connect you with someone who might well connect differently. On the other hand, if you have struggled with counseling before, been bored or felt ordered around, I might just be the "perfect" fit.

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