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Human Playground

Apparently I’m on a Netflix documentary kick. Along with Abstract, I got caught up by the trailer for Human Playground which follows some absolute nut-cases pursuing specific feats or entire lives which require what I would consider unrelenting pain or sacrifice or frightening attention to detail. Now, nearly all of this is of course ameliorated by the melodious and dulcet tones of Idris Elba’s voice over narration, but even his smooth tones can’t drown out the shrieks of a woman who’s body has counterattacked in the midst of a marathon run in the freaking desert. Mind you this is the day another competitor succumbed to a heart attack and this woman is my senior, which at this point in life, is becoming an accomplishment. What are you doing out there!?! Tiny kids training as monks or sumo. Teens transitioning to adulthood with gaping scars or threats of death or dismemberment. Cliff divers, ice divers, mountain climbers, robot racers. What is everybody DOING?

But here’s the thing. The more I watch the more I’m reminded how much we are capable of enduring and overcoming as people. I’m much more familiar with the psychological portion of this whole life thing than I am the extreme marathoning or deep-water ice diving, but I know from some who train people, that the majority of us feel we have reached or surpassed our limits long before our actual limits are even in sight. CRAP!

I don’t really care for feeling challenged, usually means I should go do something, we’ll see if I do. I can guarantee you it will not be a single segment of any part of this show. Thanks, but pass. Hard pass. But, how little of who I am and what I am capable of have I encountered. What else might I do or bring to the world were I to stretch my soft comfy world? How much more use would I be to those who count on me? Like I said, CRAP. Have you wondered the same. It would be helpful for me to not feel like the only one who constantly pumps the brakes before really being a contender in the race. Or maybe I’m all alone, but at least I’m not all alone in the mountains or underwater. :  )

Human Playground – See it Here.

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