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Originally Posted 02/13/2021

I’ll admit it, we’ve sort of fallen for the Apple drama based on an out of place Midwesterner coaching a Premier League Soccer Team in England in my home. Saw the promos, knew I’d hate it. Hate it like poison. I’ve never been a fan of any sort of overly optimistic, if you think good things, only good things will happen nonsense and Ted seemed a daft and overly optimistic chump.  Don’t care if its name it and claim it, Karma extraordinaire, etc., it always seems to leave disappointed people wondering what they did wrong to deserve some of the less than pleasant parts of life that no one escapes. “But I thought good, nice thoughts; why did this happen to me?

Much to my chagrin, I was wrong again. Turns out, life has a way of gutting Ted’s character throughout the season, certainly testing his “character” and resolve. Part of the magic for me is that in the midst of all of those challenges; “Ted” post-cheers or post-tears repeatedly makes the choice to return to who he is. He might be more optimistic than I, but he is, again and again, who he is written to be. That’s an optimism I can get behind. No magic. No expectation of changing the events of the future. Just opting how to respond to the events of now. Choosing to be the best version of yourself for you and for those around you, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing, even when your best isn’t your best, that’s amazing.

So, if you can stomach or enjoy some adult situations and a pile of (fruity is apparently what they call it in England) language…and you haven’t cheered on Richmond at the Dogtrack yet, you might enjoy and find a little inspiration in Ted Lasso.

Here are my favorite top characters in order…but only because nobody cares and nobody asked.

  1. Roy Kent – My inner avatar – aka not a baby child
  2. Coach Beard – Capital Compadre of Mystery
  3. Mae – Little Screen Time/Maximum Impact
  4. Keely Jones – All Heart, No Censor
  5. Ted Lasso – Yankee Doodle
  6. Nathan Shelley – The Great
  7. Trent Crimm, The Independent – Sharp, Tough and Honest
  8. Sam Obisanya – Soooo Nice, Needs More Screen Time
  9. Leslie Higgins – Jazzy Female Junior with Reflux
  10. Rebecca Welton – Action Figury Kinda Nemesis
  11. Phoebe – Wrecker of Noses
  12. Paul, Jeremy, Baz – Pub Fans, Paul’s Always First
  13. Dani Rojas – Mucho Mucho Joy, Downgraded for Too Much Energy, Makes Me Tired
  14. Jamie Tartt – Fun To Dislike
  15. Rupert Manion – Easy To Dislike

Remember, you’ve been warned about the adult language and situations…especially from my secret soul twin. Roy Kent, Roy Kent, He’s here, he’s there he’s….
You can find the series Ted Lasso on Apple+. Hopefully the next season will be every bit as endearing and not face relegation. 

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