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Originally Posted 04/07/2020

Check Me Out!!!

I Don’t Like To Brag, But When Life Changing Things Just Blow Your Mind You Have To Share. I Thought This Would Be Impossible (Ha Ha See What I Did There; I Know You Don’t Cause The Magic Hasn’t Happened Yet; But I Hope You Will)…Especially With A Worldwide Pandemic And Royals Abdicating Their Seats And Country. At First I Though I Might Be Hallucinating, Or My Wife Was Playing A Complicated Trick On Me…

The TV Was On In The Background And I Could Have Sworn I Heard Royalty, Literal Royalty, Talking To Me. That’s Right Friends The BURGER KING CARES ABOUT ME! Thought I Misunderstood At First. But They Told Me 408 Times Just That Day. And Once I Was Endorsed By Royalty, The Care Came Flooding In. I Won’t Drop Names, Even As A New “A Lister” I Know That Is A Bit Much, Like Quarantining On A Yacht In The Grenadines, But Literally Hundreds Of Multinational Magnates And Entrepreneurs Have Repeatedly Tried To Convince Me Of My Value. For A Second I Thought, Hey, Maybe They Are Really Thinking About Themselves And Trying To Get Me To Eat A Chickenesqe Lump Or Use Their Service To Bring Me Some, Or Pay Them To Bring Some Packages To My Door, But They Never Said It. So Now You Can Say “You Knew Me When.”

I Hope Someone Is Recognizing Your Specialship In Isolation.

Stay Well.

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