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America’s Next Top Chef Model

What in the world is going on in the celeb chef world? This season on Top Chef has left me baffled just about every other episode. What is Tom Colllico wearing and who is picking his costumes? I really don’t get too distracted by Padma or Gail peacocking around in haute couture since I think people who often enjoy haute cuisine seek out the trendy and limited where ever they can. But Chef? That’s the word that makes it uncomfortable in my head. When I think of chef wear, I think of keeping that one still white chef coat in the office for when you have to go out on the floor and apologize for one of the servers bringing the red snapper out cold cause they were smoking when the table sold.

I get it. You’re not cheffing. You’re just playing one on tv. A little buffing or churching up the fabric makes sense. Chef Tom looks like Cam Newton’s or Joe Burrow’s fashion consultant got into Chef’s head (or maybe chef’s wife’s head) and said he should be setting trends on more than just plates.

TC is not alone. Why does Michael Symon suddenly have eyeglass frames that match his shirt. Geoffery Zacharian has always worn a little too sharp suits alongside Scott Conant but all of a sudden Conant has paired his jacket and trousers with beads and a deep, deep, deep, V instead of a buttoned shirt and tie. I have not been able to figure out what about his chest makes it a celebrity of its own.

Stop the Insanity! Giarnaschelli, Flay, Ramsay, Puck, Chang, Lofaso, have all managed to stay on tv and dress like they have been in more kitchens than they have been on runways. Fieri, Burrell, Matheson look a little more out there but have since I’ve learned of them. The chef’s jacket with rolled up sleeves and full sleeves of food-oriented tattoos has become de rigueur. I’m down. I just don’t know if I’m ready to see TC splayed across the screen in a Kim Kardashian style tv add for his new line of women’s shapeware. Great. Now I’ll never get that picture out of my head. Sorry. Not really. But thought I’d say so.

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