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Brief Book Brief

The Anatomy of Evil – By: Michael H. Stone MD, Otto F. Kernberg MD

The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Modern Violent Crime – By: Michael H. Stone MD, Gary Brucato PhD


The first book in this series was terrifying, even if you are reading from a research-ish behavior. I recommend this to almost no one. The 22 levels of behavior building a mountain of the worst our species is capable of, all in full technicolor with vignettes at each level. I know people who feel you should only allow positivity into your life/head but being a counselor I am too aware of what some of us are willing to do to each other. Really. Don’t read either of them.

Some quotes from the book:

“Born evil? I know of no such person, even in the annals of crime or in the biographies of despots. The answer here is no.”

“I am not so fortunate as to have Virgil as my guide, but I do have Dante as my inspiration.”

No more quotes…trust me.

Recommended? Nope. I would feel bad.

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