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Professional Counseling for Personal Growth

Why Balance Better?

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No matter how strong, smart and capable you are, life has a way of challenging each of us as we continue to grow and adapt. When that time arrives you end up looking at websites for counselors. Hmmmmm.


We specialize in working with people who in the past have been bored by or not benefited from previous counseling. Tired of “white-knuckling” or lack of change? Frustrated enough you are ready to confront some issue or issues? You might well be our specialty.


We work to approach our folks with a balance of fierce honesty and supportive comfort.Our own life struggles and a desire to be helpful to others has led us to search out as many life options as possible.What will work best you you? Don’t know. Yet. Still. We work hard to make that journey as brief and painless as possible.


There’s a world of problems. Some come from the world around us. Some come from the world inside us. Reducing the intensity, frequency, and duration they impact your ability to get through the day is always our goal. The details are up to you. You decide what you want to alter and what isn’t worth the effort.

Just Plain

We are trained and experienced in using the most varied and effective concepts and tools available in human growth and development today. Plus, when the latest and greatest aren’t helpful (nothing helps everyone) we have other options to offer.


That’s up to you:

  • Reach out and we’ll get together to see if we’re a good fit for you. Click Here!
  • Keep doing your best, after all it got you here. Need us, later? We’ll be here.
  • Need more information. There is a short video coming you will be able check out below as well.

All the Best!


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